Steam Rotary Cylinder Dryer

Working Principle: 
Based on the structure of a traditional rotary dryer, steam tube rotary dryer/calcinator is equipped with some steam heating tubes inside of the dryer. The heating tubes run through the dryer with pattern of 1 to 5 concentric circle(s), supplying heat needed by drying process. The heating tubes rotate along with the rotary drum. The material entrained in calcinator is lifted and agitated by the heating tubes in the rotary drum. Being dehydrated/calcined by heat from the tubes, the product will move by inclination of the dryer/calcinator from the upper end to the lower one and discharged from the outlet at the lower end. The vaporized water will be vented by fans or in way of natural ventilation. As for the organic solvent, it can be recovered by airtight steam tube rotary dryer/calcinator. The circulation of inert gas can be used against explosion.


1. Large heat transfer area, high thermal efficiency.
2. High handling ability, suitable for the continuous operation.
3. Low drying temperature, simple operation, easy to use.
4. The gas is only used to transfer the volatile component, little amount of gas is used, and the dust removal system is simple.
5. High efficiency of the airtight system, extremely suitable for the recycling of organic solvents such as ethane. 

Material to be dried:
Applied to material of large handling capacity which needs continuous drying, for example: Polyethylene, PTA, POM, ABS resin, pentaerythritol, gypsum, copper extract powder, iron extract powder, nickel extract powder, active carbon, soda ash, potassium carbonate, DDG and etc. 

Technical Parameter:




Steam rotary cylinder dryer is used in drying of mineral powder, and has the advantages of large processing capacity, fast drying speed and low energy consumption. Drying is one of the important processes in the production of mineral powder, and it is a high-energy consumption production operation. The steam rotary cylinder dryer can reduce the production cost, is a drying device that can adapt to large flow of ore powder, reduce energy consumption and environmentally friendly.